Saturday, August 1, 2009

Okay, so.

I have made a new blog and decided to give it a theme - pictures! I have resolved to take at least one picture per day in which I document something I did, exciting or not (god knows I do a serious shitload of completely useless, boring garbage). Also, I must say something positive about the picture or have some kind of positive contribution of and or related to the picture. Good idea, eh?

So! On with the first post!

Last night I went to Medieval Times with Courtney and my sister, and even though I felt like an absolute fool wearing the paper crown, I couldn't have been happier to be there. We had such a good time! And, even though we ended up getting obscenely lost on the way home (we nearly meandered into New York), I'd say it was a successful venture through and through. Plus, the food wasn't even half as bad as everyone claimed. In fact, it was delicious. Like, really delicious. But, then again, I did order the vegetarian meal so perhaps I'm biased - you can't exactly fuck up hummus and pita chips. Oh well, meat eaters' loss!

Tomorrow I will be leaving for Lake George until Thursday. Next post will most likely be a conglomeration of pictures from there.

Goodnight! :D

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  1. very cute- this whole picture thing. and you know I have to have my jess texting conversations!!